Versatile, Durable & Portable
When fairly new to prospecting, we learned right away that the secret to finding gold was to MOVE MATERIAL.  We discovered quickly that we couldn'tprocess enough material by shaking a bucket to fill a tooth (without killing ourselves!)  We wanted a durable and portable machine to take with us to the gold fields (wet or dry) that would process large quantities of material. 
The "Earthquake" is just that machine.

Computer Designed
The Earthquake was designed and created on a state of the art computerized CNC milling machine.  The computer operated mill ensures a perfectly stable and durable piece of field ready equipment.  The tried and tested Earthquake will assure you countless hours afield processing gold, not recovering in bed!

12 Volt Operation
The Earthquake operates on 12 volts, so you can operate it from your vehicle or other power source.  We like to use a 45 watt solar system (on sunny days) or a small Honda 600 watt generator backing up a deep cycle battery.  It will run the Earthquake and our Brewer Dry Washer most of the day on about a 1/2 gallon of gasoline.

Wet or Dry Processing
The variable speed motor controller allows for fine vibration adjustment depending on the consistency of the material you are processing.  Included is an auxiliary jack to power the optional water kit when working near a water source when processing for your sluice box.

"New" Natural Wood Finish
The pictures of the "black" machine shown on these pages is one of our first models and the finish has since been changed to a more natural wood finish.  We just keep using this old workhorse.

We are proud of our Earthquake Vibrating Classifier and hope you get as much enjoyment out of your prospecting as we have.

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The EARTHQUAKE Electronics - Vibrator ON/OFF Switch -  Variable Speed Motor Controller - Auxilliary Jack ON/OFF Switch
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